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Random ways to earn extra cash

October 16th, 2006 at 09:42 am

So the company that I do mystery shops and theater checks for has revamped their website and there's a registration button once again available. If anyone's interested, more information can be found here: http://www.certifiedfieldassociate.com/fieldworkeroverview.asp

I don't get any credit for referrals, just wanted to pass it along since I know people have asked me they can sign up too for their area. It doesn't cost anything to sign up except postage to mail in your application. I've never earned enough to have to claim it ($600/year) but I've also been pretty busy and just plain unable to complete a lot of the tasks when they're available.

3 Responses to “Random ways to earn extra cash”

  1. jodi Says:

    Do you know if there is anyway to find out if there are assignments in your area before you sign up? It sounds nice, but I live in a rural area, and I am hesitant to give out my social security number (required for registration) before I even know if they will have any jobs near me. Thanks for sharing!
    How long have you been with this company? Do you feel they are reputable?

  2. ldyfaile Says:

    I have been with them for about two years. They've always paid me for my work, even when I tried to complete a task and there was no one there for me to 'mystery shop'. (there was a kiosk in the mall that was supposed to be manned but wasn't, I turned in the paperwork and explained why I couldn't complete the task and still received a check in the mail 6 weeks later) I'll email you just in case you don't check back here but I can sign in and look for assignments with your zip code to see if there are any. Of course, there might not be any right now and that wouldn't necessarily mean that they aren't in that area.

  3. Angel Lamela Says:

    My name is Angel Lamela, I am a 56 yrs. old male interested in working for your company and making some money; at the same time trying to help customers and companies become the best they can be. Thanks.

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