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Spending for Thursday

June 30th, 2006 at 12:23 am

Alright so breakfast actually wasn't bad. For $4.95 I got toast, home fries, and three eggs. Water to drink and a dollar for tip and that leaves me with $2.

After work I'm walking home and a friend is coming over so we can practice German and possibly watch Harry Potter. I'm excited about that. I called my roomate to let her know, and found out she's actually hanging out with a friend all evening so we have the place to ourselves. That's cool because I hate feeling like I'm intruding in my own house.

No more spending for the day. My friend invited me to go out for a cocktail but by the time I get home, they'll be done. They are meeting near my place which makes her coming over all to practice German that easier for her fuel wise.

I'm thinking about starting a dollar jar next month. We'll see. I know the new month is only two days away. Since I do carry more cash these days (my gas/grocery/eating out budget) then there is the possibility of having ones left over.

I think tomorrow I will cash in my coins and just deposit the balance in my account. It won't make my register positive, I don't think. But it'll give me a little piece of mind.

The 5th (payday) cannot come fast enough!

1 Responses to “Spending for Thursday”

  1. tener Says:

    I once tryied to learn german and its not an easy language!

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