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Books sold

July 17th, 2006 at 05:08 am

I took a total of 58 books into Powells. 14 were rejected, 44 sold. I got $45 for them. Ok so perhaps not the best but it was the fastest. And at this point, I didn't feel like dragging it out by pricing them individually and trying to sell them to my friends, etc. I'd still debating about putting up a mix box of books on eBay. We'll see.

I am debating about getting rid of my car and just using the bus and getting a good bike. I budget $80/mo for gas, though lately I haven't been using it all. And I spend $94/mo for insurance. Plus the little incidentals like it not starting that I have to pay for. I need to find out if my ins covers towing. Either way, it needs to be towed to the shop. Unless it decides to start tomorrow morning. It wouldn't start today either. I'm just going to charge the service fee and pay it off asap. Which also means I should call Citibank on that card as well and see if I can get the interest lowered. I wasn't going to bother since I wasn't using the card, but now I am sort of.

Anyway. Lots to think about.

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