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Trying not to get too excited.

July 6th, 2006 at 04:35 pm

Today I got an email asking me to babysit tomorrow night. I love babysitting for my friends because it usually involves me showing up after the kids are in bed and just being an adult in the house while they're gone. I love their kids anyway and would watch them during the day too but it just never works out that way. So yay for more money towards the dollar jar, should it in fact happen. Plus I don't necessarily charge them, they just pay me whatever.

I've gotten more nibbles for selling my timeshare than I have the previous times I've posted it. I'm trying really hard not to put the cart before the horse and dream about how much simpler life will be with that money directed elsewhere. But it's hard. And usually means I check my 'junk' email every time the little notifier tells me I have mail on the days I get those nibbles.

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