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Yesterday's spending and laundry question

July 11th, 2006 at 06:39 am

I got in so late last night I forgot to post.

Yesterday I stopped by the store and picked up more fresh produce. Spent $10.45 However I forgot a couple of things so I'll probably stop at the store tonight sometime. Leaves my grocery budget at $20.

I have this light pair of pants. I wore a darker tshirt to work one day with it. It was really hot out. I walked to work. The tshirt bled onto the top part of the pants. What's the best way to get that out? I tried just washing it but it didn't come out so I didn't dry them just hung them on a hanger.

Also went to see another three seasons of Buffy last night (free). Got a ride with a friend (less gas). And did not buy food while I was there even though the garlic bread was tempting.

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