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No Spend Day

July 13th, 2006 at 09:32 pm

Walked to work today. I'm really getting into this walking to work thing. It'll be really sad when the really rainy season starts and I'll be used to walking. Perhaps I'll get some rain gear. Or just a nice long trench coat. Hmmm. Well anyway. Stopped off at the atm to put the $5 check into my savings. It's growing back slowly. I keep counting down the days til I get paid again so I can do something with the money instead of being in the middle and worried about spending too much. *sigh*

I got my new CC 1 today. When I called to inquire about lowering the interest they mentioned that the rewards program was changing and that I'd be getting a new card. Fortunately it came already renewed til 09 (the other one expired at the end of this year). The card number didn't change, that's a good thing. Though when I called to activate it, the CSR wouldn't take no for an answer when he asked if I wanted to be enrolled in Credit Protection Monitoring. If I wanted it I would have called the OTHER number they listed. Finally, after declining even the 30 days free, he got the point and signed off after activating the card. The last time I did a 30 day free credit protection thing just to get a copy of my credit report, I got SUCH a guilt trip over canceling it. I did cancel it but it took a bit of doing. I just choose to not be in that situation again.

Yeah uh so anyway. All that to say no spending. Did withdraw with the intent to spend. $20 will go to my friend for buying a necklace from her for my cousin's graduation. http://www.roughedgesglassart.com If I'm going to spend money on something I'd rather it go to someone instead of a store y'know? And another $20 for a concert that I probably won't get a ticket for. They're already sold out but my friend and I are going to see if anyone has extra tickets the night of the show. Originally she said she'd buy my ticket. I don't know if that offer still stands so I'm going armed with $20 and if they don't want to sell for that then I just won't go. And it'll go back into the bank.

Why is it that the MyPoints gc's come really fast when you don't care when they get there but seem to take forever when you're expecting them? I didn't drive today, which is good. But I need to drive on Saturday and I'd like to put a little more gas in when I do.

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