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Of course they can't find anything wrong.

July 18th, 2006 at 08:17 am

My car started perfectly yesterday morning. And of course, they can't find anything wrong. In the late afternoon when I was talking to them about it, I explained in more detail what I noticed over the weekend and when in the past it happened. Something I mentioned triggered something in the mechanic's head and they wanted to keep it overnight so they could check a couple of more things in the mornings. I'm hoping I hear back before too long, preferably before I leave for work.

I was negligent in eating dinner last night so when we went out to see Buffy, I caved and bought Pizza Bread $5.50. It really wasn't all that exciting, I remember it being better.

Payday is Thursday. I have $25 in my wallet (the $20 is from the concert I didn't go to and I'm just hanging onto it just in case I need it). Whatever's left in my wallet is going into the dollar jar on Thursday.

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