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The good news about my car.

July 18th, 2006 at 12:11 pm

They didn't charge me anything for looking at it. They also couldn't find anything wrong with it, other than needing an oil change. Which I had them do since I bought a punch card a while ago ($49.95 for 6 oil changes) and still had a couple of punches left.

There's still something wrong with my car. Now it's just a matter of catching it at the right time so the mechanic can figure out what's going on. *sigh*

Plans for tonight include going over to a friends place for dinner (free), going to another friends place to watch a movie (free from the library), putting gas in my car (using the $10 gas card I got from MyPoints), and doing a little bit of grocery shopping (hopefully spending less than $25).

Also since I didn't have to charge anything for my car, my dollar jar is safe from needing to be used imediately. That makes me happy.

3 Responses to “The good news about my car.”

  1. sakigt Says:

    What exactly is the car doing? It doesnt start in the morning? Anything recent happen that youve noticed?

    Perhaps we can diagnose it. I have half a clue about cars. Maybe someone else will have the other half Smile

  2. LdyFaile Says:

    Well let's see if I can describe it. About 9 months ago it started 'acting up' I went to leave work, so it'd been sitting for roughly 8 hours, and when I went to start it it tried to start, it made noises like it was going to start, but it never fired. I grumbled, called a friend who picked me up, and after walking into work the next morning I went to show one of the guys at work what it was doing and it started right up. Was fine for a couple months.

    Then I went to pick up a friend. I turned off the engine, went inside her house for maybe 10 minutes max, came out and same thing. Turned the key, the engine made noises like it was going to start, but never fired. Sat and waited a couple minutes, made sure radio et al was off, turned the key again and it started like nothing had happened. Was fine for a couple of months.

    Then we had some really cold weather and three mornings in a row it did the same thing. Made noises like it was going to start but never fired. Waited a couple minutes and it started right up. At this point I called a guy I know that works on cars in his spare time, he had no ideas but said he'd call back if he thought of anything to check.

    It's been fine for like four months. Lately I've been on a health kick and walking more to work, to the gym, etc. I drove it Wed night to class, no problem. I didn't need it again til Saturday afternoon. I went out to start it, same thing. Turn the key, acts like its going to start, never fires. I waited, tried it again. No go. I waited longer, tried it again, no go. I spent about an hour and a half waiting different amounts of time and it just wouldn't go. I got the bright idea to call the one shop that I knew was open on Saturdays, only that was about 30 minutes after they'd closed. Gave up borrowed roomates car. Sunday, tried starting it just for kicks, same thing, made noises like it was going to catch and never fired.

    Yesterday morning I went out to start it, hoping to avoid having to pay for a tow, and it started right up like nothing was wrong.

    The only other bit o information is that on Saturday when I was playing with it for an hour and a half, I let go of the clutch once and it completely stopped trying to start, then I pressed the clutch in again and it started trying to start again but never did, all the while the key was turned on.

    The next time it happens, I just hope it's when the shop is open so I can call and say 'this is what it's doing'

  3. LuckyRobin Says:

    Have they checked the ignition switch? We had a problem like that and it turned out to be the ignition switch had partly burned out so sometimes it connected and sometimes it didn't. We'd have more problems in the morning than in the afternoon but it would act up again in the evening. This was when the weather was colder. It took the mechanics forever to figure it out. They were looking for something complicated and it was something little and simple, though not cheap.

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