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Bad grocery store day.

July 19th, 2006 at 08:15 am

I really was not thinking when I made my list. If I had been thinking, I would have made sure that only the necessities to get me through til payday (tomorrow) were on it. Argh! About half of the stuff I bought, well maybe not that much but a good chunk of it, could have waited. In the end, I spent $24.82. I had $20 in my wallet since I had a change of plans last night and spent $5 on pizza for dinner (that'll last two nights and fed two of us). Instead of being smart about it and giving the cashier my $20 and then putting the balance on my debit card, I put it all on my debit card. Which means I need to stop by an atm on my way into work and deposit the $20 in my wallet otherwise there's potential for overdraft. Ugh. Or I could just hope that it doesn't actually process til tomorrow when I get paid. Don't want to take that chance.

Hopefully next pay period will be better.

1 Responses to “Bad grocery store day.”

  1. sakigt Says:

    I had a "bad" grocery day at $70 dollar yesterday as well Frown
    My issue was that a ton of meat I commonly use was on sale, so I stocked up. Oh well Frown

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