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Not as good as I was hoping for.

August 15th, 2006 at 03:00 pm

Well they didn't let me pull my little stunt of basically using the $50 rebate for the phone to pay for the accessories. That's ok, I do still need the accessories (I don't have a handsfree, I always loose them after about a year but they're handy when I have them, and I do get use out of the car charger because I like to let my phone completely die before recharging) but not so much the leather case. I'm going to try reselling that, we'll see how that goes. The nice thing about getting this stuff from the store is it comes in the individual packages so I can resell it easily.

Ok so here's what I got. Motorola v325, Free with my New Every Two deal (well they charged me $50 for it because I'll be sending in the rebate so that's encouragement to send in the rebate). Accessory pack (handsfree, car charger, leather case) for $35 [it was $50 in store but I mentioned that it was $35 online and she said they'd honor the online price], Car mount $15 (was $20 but I got a 25% discount on it). I need the car mount because I plan on making use of the VZ Navigator option on the phone and having it be mounted somewhere in the car will be handy for that. Plus it'd be nice to have a place to just put my cell phone and not wonder where in the car it fell.

All told, $99.96 will go on my next statement. I'll send in the $50 rebate after I'm past the 15 day trial period to make sure I like the phone. Which makes my total $49.96. More than I was hoping for but all things considered not a bad deal. I'm going to hold off on buying/downloading any new ringers for my phone til I'm sure I like it and it's paid off.

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