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Possible new living arrangement.

August 16th, 2006 at 04:57 pm

Right now this is my current living situation:

Rent: $287.50
Utilities: $63
Gas: $80 (usually use only $40 because I can walk to work)

I've lived with my current roomate for 3 years, I love my current roomate and wouldn't really want to ditch her except that I'm working really hard to get out of debt so if something else comes up I'm tempted to change things up a bit.

Another friend of mine had to move for the umpteenth time and finally threw up her hands and put an offer on a condo. Her offer on a new condo was accepted. The condo is 3 bedrooms, she and her current roomate are looking for a third and have offered it to me. So this is the potential new breakdown:

Rent: $200
Utilities: $60 (potential 1/3rd of electric, water, and cable)
Gas: $80 (possibly more because new place is 8 miles away from work so I'll actually use all of my budget)

Now I haven't seen the place yet so I don't know for certain if it's something I'd want to do.

The other potential cost is her $140 monthly condo dues. I don't know if she's going to want us to help her out with that as well. Which would really just make it all even out for me.

Of course there won't be any room for my stuff that I'm pulling out of storage so that $60 I'm trying to save from not having storage I think I'll have to spend $45/mo for the stuff left over for storage.

I'll probably ditch the gym for good because my schedule is going to be changing up so much, so that'll be another $30 savings.

Anyway, lots to think about. I haven't told my current roomate yet because I want to wait and see if I like it etc. The other nice thing about this possibility is that I wouldn't have to move in right away, I could wait a couple of months. Which would mean I could go through my storage stuff more, get rid of more crap, and give my roomate time to either find another place or find another roomate.

Oh yeah and it'll take a while for everything to process for them to be able to get into the house. Which is sad because I think they only have less than 3 weeks to be completely moved from their current residence.

3 Responses to “Possible new living arrangement.”

  1. veronak Says:

    You said you get along great with your current roomate do you think it will be the same wioth your friend just to save a little? Sometime a piece of mind is better

  2. LdyFaile Says:

    veronak Says:
    August 16th, 2006 a 17:29:30

    You said you get along great with your current roomate do you think it will be the same wioth your friend just to save a little? Sometime a piece of mind is better

    Yes I have no doubt I would get along great with the people I'd move in with. I've actually gotten good at sounding out which friends I could live with and still be friends, and those which the friendship would be sacrificed. The girls I'm moving in with, we traveled a lot recently, dealt with lots of drama, lots of travel, lots of crankiness, and I don't think living together would pose too big of a problem.

  3. freeme journey Says:

    It sounds like there are benefits and cons - I think a move is really stressful not to mention the extra travel time and gas expense. Walking to work is healthier too - especially if you are going to stop your gym. Hmmm... tough one. Take your time.
    Thanks for the "timeshare comment"

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