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Money money money.

September 8th, 2006 at 01:26 pm

This morning I realized that it had been six days since someone had won my eBay auction but had not paid yet. Umm. That's a little long isn't it? I couldn't remember so I consulted eBay's help section and found where it said it was ok to email the buyer anywhere between 3 and 30 days after the auction ended. Good deal. I also looked at his feedback. At least one item that had recent feedback for he bought AFTER mine. Tsk tsk. So I emailed him a couple hours ago. He replied just a bit ago to say he would be paying via PayPal in the next couple of days, probably today. If he does pay, I don't really see giving him any negative feedback but it would have been nice if he knew ahead of time that it would be a week before he could pay to contact me so I wouldn't sit and wonder.

I really need this one to come through because I have three other auctions that I relisted and if they don't sell I'm going to owe eBay out of pocket money for it. And his winning bid ($41 when the rest are going for $3) will more than cover that extra cost.

My step brother just called. I've been debating the best way of handling things with him, ie how often to call and remind him that I need payment soon. He's been fairly good about being proactive and calling me about it so I decided to wait until the 10th to say 'hey, don't forget my cc payment is due on the 14th). But he called me today so I don't have to worry about it! Of course, this weekend is a drill weekend so he's pretty much going to be stuck there the whole time. But he's pulled out cash and we are making plans to meet up this evening or tomorrow. When we do meet up, I'll give him my account information so he can set up the allotment. And until then he will give me cash. Totally fine by me. I never told him that my regular budgetted minimum payment totally covers the increase from the money I borrowed for him. He needs to be responsible to make a payment to me before the bill is due. I don't mind making an extra payment on my cc since the sooner the balance transfer is paid off the sooner the interest on everything else will stop getting added back onto the total.

I just checked my email and I have another Pinecone Research survey waiting for me and a response back from a posting I saw on Craigslist about a one day event that pays $13/hr as an independant contractor. Don't know if they'll want me to work for them but I might as well try.

And I start babysitting for some church classes on the 25th. Since they don't know how many kids they're actually going to have, I might not actually do it for the whole two months, but I'll take the nights they need me!

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