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Almost spent an extra $14 today but didn't.

September 9th, 2006 at 02:55 pm

I walked to the library and the store today. I didn't have so much shopping to do that it couldn't be carried home in a backpack plus extra to be carried by hand. And the store is only a half mile away.

I forgot about the Street Fair going on today. Looked through the stalls but nothing jumped out as a must buy.

At the library I picked up a cd, a movie for my roomate, and The Millionare Next Door. Can't wait to start reading it. I have some cards to write today still (I write til my hand cramps up then I find something else to do) so maybe later this evening I'll start it.

Soon as I walked into the store the table of 60% off clearance jumped out at me. My first thought was 'gifts! I might need something later' since everyone here has been talking about that sort of thing. But alas, it was mostly kids stuff, and I don't know that many kids. However, the last table is what really held my attention. On that table was Scene It the TV Version. I love the Scene It movie game I have, but I'm good at memorizing things so it's not something I like to play with people who haven't played it. I've wanted the TV version as well for a while now. And with the 60% off clearance it made it only $14 or just under.

I walked all over the store with it in my cart. Pretty much forgot about it really until I got back to the checkout stand. And I realized two things. A] I was walking, it wouldn't fit in my backpack, and it would be uncomfortable to carry home and B] I really don't play games all that much, even though I like them a lot. So I put it back on the table. *sigh*

It's probably just as well. What I did go home with was heavier than I'd anticipated and the game would have just made for more uncomfortableness.

1 Responses to “Almost spent an extra $14 today but didn't.”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    Good for you! I do this a lot! Sometimes it just feels good to drive something around in my shopping buggy for a little spin thru the store...then back on the shelf it goes.

    I found that it worked for me over at ebay as well. I'll put something on my watchlist...and sometimes...just some of the time mind you - that is all that it takes. Oh, it expired. Well, too bad...no big deal. And the desire for the item may have passed...if not, then I put it on my watchlist again. Once I've done that a few times...the craving seems to go away. When it doesn't then I know it's time to shop intentionally for that item!

    A moment of pause and reflect before hitting the checkout lane has saved me big bucks over time.

    The street fair and the library...sounds like a fun day!

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