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Getting deposit ready for payment.

October 9th, 2006 at 09:41 pm

I decided to use my childcare money earned on Friday towards my camping trip so that's not going towards CC2. My brother did get paid on Friday, however he used most of his cash to catch up on bills, buy a bus pass, and what's left over is just enough to last him for food til next payday. So I won't bug him about a payment to me until next time.

I got an extra $5 tonight because parents have been picking their kids up late and pushing our time til almost 3 hours. So $30 from child care on Monday, $25 from child care on Sunday, and $216 from my paycheck. That's a payment of $271 to be applied tomorrow! Very happy about that.

Friday I'm babysitting for the other family I sit for, then there's Sunday and Monday nights again. So I have at least one more payment before the statement rolls. I'm trying to not count on everything before it happens, ie Friday could get cancelled, Sunday and/or Monday they might not need me. So until Monday night, I don't know what my extra payment will be. But I'm ok with that since I'm putting down a nice chunk tomorrow.

How long can I keep this up? We'll see...

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