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October 11th, 2006 at 11:49 am

I'd gotten an email yesterday from the gal I was going to sit for stating that they had something come up and didn't need me on Friday. No worries, it just meant I had another night free. Today I got a call about doing a blind theater check on Friday. There's two show times they need me to check, fortunately I can leave the second one after I finish counting patrons else it would make for a really late night. I get $10 per showing plus reimbursed for ticket price up to two tickets. It's one of the cheaper theaters in town so it's only $3 to get in. Too bad it's not for a movie I really wanted to see. Ah well.

Still I'll make $20 all in all. I might see if anyone wants to go with me to the first showing although it's going to be tricky getting out and then back in for the second one. Not that I wouldn't pay again but just hoping that they wouldn't notice that I'd just left the theater and was paying again to watch the same movie. The last time I did it for a cheap theater, they had a seperate exit so walking back in to pay wasn't that big of a deal plus there was quite a bit of time in between showings and a change of cashiers. Ah well, I'll make it work.

It also means I don't get paid right away, after I send in my paperwork it's at least another 6 weeks before I get the check. But it's still extra money, no matter when it comes in.

1 Responses to “Switch...”

  1. JanH Says:

    I didn't know they did that at theaters! Learn something new every day. Sounds like a cool way to make some cash.

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