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Spent a little bit last night.

October 12th, 2006 at 08:19 am

I had $11.10 in my Personal Fund yesterday. Today, it's all gone. I went out last night and bought a housewarming gift for a friend of mine, cost $7.80. But then went out to dinner and that cost $11 including tip. I went ahead and used my debit card since I only have $40 for the rest of the payperiod for food and I'm going to borrow $6 from that to go to the movies tomorrow night (I'll get reimbursed but not til later). So instead of having my $20 cushion in my bank account, I'm down to $12. That's ok though. I think.

My gas tank is still relatively full. I haven't heard yet about when I might be doing the customer training but it's definately not this week. I'm pretty excited about having $10 left over from my gas budget and not having the tank be almost completely empty when I get paid. I'm actually going to walk to work today even though I have something to drive to after work. I think I have enough time to walk home, eat a quick bite, and get to my friend's house all in an hour. Totally do-able. And even if it's not, chances are someone will be later than I am. Smile

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