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Money spent yesterday.

November 10th, 2006 at 08:36 am

First the eh news. I realized that I missed my SIL's birthday back in October. On the one hand I could argue that they could have invited me out to do something (if they did celebrate it) and since they didn't, I wasn't obligated to buy her anything. On the other hand, I'm a nice person and the past two birthdays I've gotten her something so there's no real reason why I shouldn't this year. All of the siblings are getting together next weekend for a 'celebrate all November birthdays in one shot' meal. I have gifts for my two brothers and one step brother and now my SIL as well.

I bought her a cd ($13.99) plus two envelopes that serve as cd gift wrap ($3). I already had bought one of my brothers a cd a while ago for his birthday. Total spent at cd store: $16.99 (we don't have sales tax in OR)

Then a friend of mine came by who's been sort of housebound. Partially by her own choice. She doesn't work and since I had a rare weekday off I called her so we could hang out. We went for a walk and decided to go get dinner. Originally I'd suggested Coldstone, because I have a coupon for a free dish of ice cream. But she needed real food so we went to cheap mexican instead. I ate too much, but the food was cheap. Total spent at restaurant: $3.95 for a chicken quesadilla paid for by grocery money.

Since we'd eaten more than our fair share we took a longer route home, and stopped by Fred Meyer's because I wanted to see if this bag I'd noticed there was any cheaper than the last time I'd stopped by. Granted I now have no money for it but was in the area. I found the bag, now 30% off instead of 25% off but still more than I cared to spend. My friend said it didn't look like me and was too small for what I wanted anyway. I actually agreed with her for the most part, glad that I now didn't have the temptation of buying the bag. Only before we left we wandered over to the hats and I started trying on funny ones. I am a hat person. Hats look good on me. Even the crazy ones that I would never wear. We found a simple one that actually looked really really good. I thought it was 25% off which would make it $9 and in a moment of weakness I bought it. Total spent at Fred Meyer's: $8.40.

The cd store total was already more than what I had left of my play money for the payperiod. Which means the rest of it and the FM purchase came out of my cushion. *sigh* I now have $7.76 in my account instead of $20. Or will once everything that's supposed to clears.

The only good news in all of this was...when I went to pull money out of my grocery funds for dinner, I noted with delight that instead of the 1 $20 bill I thought was left, there were actually 2! So I'm definately good for food for the rest of the pay period. The stuff on my list right now is just restock and the list is short.

3 Responses to “Money spent yesterday.”

  1. PRICEPLUS Says:

    Hey, sounds like you had a nice time and did not go too crazy with the spending. Lunch with a friend and a fun hat is an investment in your mental health. You did not but the expensive bag. So look to the entertainment and clothing parts of the budget and make the corrections there!

  2. ldyfaile Says:

    Priceplus: True, I did not buy the more expensive item. So that is a plus. But my entertainment and clothing parts of the budget is all rolled into my all encompassing 'Play' or 'Personal' money that's already spent. It'll all work out. I've just got a week plus a few days before the next payday and I don't have anything big planned that I'll need extra money for before then.

  3. PRICEPLUS Says:

    So things worked out and youhad a great day! Way to go!Smile

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