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Unplanned spending today.

June 28th, 2006 at 06:53 am

Root canal cost less than planned, $200 instead of $260. Afterwards I picked up a milkshake ($2.29) because I was hungry but couldn't really eat anything.

I wound up picking up ice cream tonight for root beer floats. It was bogo on Dryer's, which made it the same price as the cheaper store brand. And then I remembered that I needed cash for breakfast out with a friend on Thursday so I wound up spending $10.99 at the store.

After my meeting tonight (where we had the root beer floats) I was feeling very hungry and while I could have, and probably should have, just gone home I decided to go out with some friends and get a bite to eat. There wasn't much on the menu that I could eat, so stuck with something soft and wound up spending $10 when all was said and done.

The root canal was the only thing I charged. Everything else was paid for by cash or debit card. I have two things I hold out money for from my last check so my checking account balance is ok but my Quicken balance shows -$13.98

I might need to get gas on Saturday. I'm hoping not. As it stands right now, I should be able to walk to work the rest of the week. I have class Wednesday night that I might have a ride for, otherwise I'll need to drive. The intention is that what's in the tank will last til the 5th. We'll see.

I'm exhausted and decided to sleep in tomorrow too, no gym but if I walk to work every day that'll make up for skipping one gym day.

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