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It's official!

March 16th, 2008 at 07:48 pm

My small student loan through Sallie Mae is paid off!! I mean, I sent them the final payment ages ago (it seems). I made it online after first looking to see what the 10 day payoff amount would be, but when I entered that amount it told me I couldn't enter more than the 5 day payoff amount so I changed it. Must have had something to do with paying it off online instead of mailing it in. At any rate, it seemed for a few weeks my account stayed at a -$0.06 from the difference between payoff amount and amount showing as current balance. But as of yesterday that is all behind me. Yipee!

Of course now I still have my $30k one at Wells Fargo but one step at a time.

In savings related news, I've decided that once each of my online savings accounts reaches $500 I am going to stop contributing to them and instead take that money I was socking away and use it to pay stuff down. I have to have the $75 auto transfer for my brick and mortar bank but I'll just transfer the money back later.

Benefits Committee

March 15th, 2008 at 04:15 pm

Have I mentioned, I love the place I work for? They have decided to take a look at what the employees actually want/need as far as benefits go, for health insurance and other potential perks, and look into ways to changing things.

As a result they have formed a Benefits Committee made up of a representative from each department. That representative is responsible for collecting ideas from their department and relaying to the department what went on in the meeting.

The representative for my department is ME! Smile I asked for it and no one else wanted it so I got nominated. Smile I'm excited. There were things brought up at the meeting that I'd thought about but forgot at spur of the moment when asked on the spot for ideas.

Whether or not thing actually change, I appreciate the time/effort my company is making into having things that are not only beneficial to the employee but also wanted/used by the employee.

I really hope we change from FSA to HSA.