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More unexpected spending

June 29th, 2006 at 06:28 am

Had my first German class tonight. Realized that I am totally unprepared for it. I have paper and pens but not note cards. So I stopped and bought a pack of 300 3x5 and have spent a good chunk of the evening writing words and phrases on them to practice. All told I spent $8.08 at the store, which brings my register to a -$22.05. Granted I could justify everything I bought. Notecards and folders to hold class handouts, and snack food for lunches since I didn't have as much on hand as I thought I did when I went shopping this weekend.

I'm debating about turning in my change on Friday. I have $8 cash in my wallet for breakfast tomorrow. I don't think I'll spend it all, I still need to focus on soft foods and I always drink water so between meal and tip I should be set. I counted my quarters and dimes tonight and I have $13 at least. Not counting nickels, pennies, and the contents of my little coin bank. On the one hand it doesn't seem worth it to bother, on the other I might still have to put gas in this weekend to get me through til Wednesday so it'd be nice to have cash on hand instead of using my debit card. We'll see how I feel Friday morning since I'd have to leave even earlier for work and the bank is in the opposite direction of work so I'd have to budget enough time to walk it all.

I'm still in pain from the root canal, that won't be going away any time soon either. At least I can eat so long as I don't chew on my right side. What's annoying is that sneezing hurts the worst because I bite down when I sneeze.

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