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October 11th, 2007 at 03:48 am

I've been at my new job for a week and a half now. Things are going pretty good. Got my last paycheck from old job on the 5th, used it to pay for all the rest of the bills for October (but only paid for food and gas for the next two weeks since I will be getting other checks in this month). I still think I'll be ok as far as money stuff goes, I won't know though til I get my first check and see what actually starts coming in.

I really don't need to grocery shop as new job offers plenty by way of food for breakfast and lunch during the week. However, I'm also trying to watch my waistline so I'm mostly bringing in my own food and just supplementing it here and there as needed. For example, I don't buy fruit anymore for my lunches because there's always a plethora of bananas and apples in the kitchen.

I should be seeing my first check, which will only be for 40 hours, next week sometime.

2 Responses to “Surviving”

  1. reflectionite Says:

    wow! congratulations on the new job and that it's going so well.
    i used to work at a law office that provided breakfast (toast, with lots of spreads to choose from) and lunch items. now i work at a bakery, which is even WORSE for your waistline (believe me!). its very hard to not pick at things, i end up doing an hour and a half of exercise every day just to compensate for all the naughty stuff i've eaten druing the day!

  2. Carolina Bound Says:

    Great deal -- food at work! It is a challenge to keep eating healthy when there's free junk food around, however!

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