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Just say no to Poker.

June 30th, 2006 at 08:46 pm

The guys at work have a poker night every once in a while. Usually it's at T's house which is about 6 miles away. But he can't host it right now so it'll be at C's which is more like 16.5 miles away. I have walked to work every day this week so I can try stretching the gas left in my car until Wednesday. Add to that I have no money and that makes me MIA for the poker night. A couple of the guys are bummed, I think just because it's nicer to play with four people. Oh well. There's no reason for me to spend money that's allocated for other things on this. It's kinda nice, I actually have no plans tonight. Although I just checked the cheap ($3) movie times and they have MI:3 playing. But I don't need to go to the movies, there's plenty of things I need to do besides spend money.

Anyway. I cashed in my coin jar, expecting $15 from what I counted of the quarters and dimes, wound up with $26. Sweet! I kept the cash instead of depositing it because I know I'll need it again. As I was making lunch this morning I realized how little food I have for next week. Not to mention, I don't know about the 4th yet, what I'm supposed to bring or if I'll have to put any gas in by the time it comes around.

That gives me a grand total of $28 in pocket. I'm thinking about walking home via a fresh produce place that I always forget about and getting some fruits/veggies for next few days. I'm finding it really hard to eat healthy for cheap but I'm doing the best I can.

My mouth isn't as sore today. That's nice but I don't want to try eating on my right side just yet.

I'm worried about my youngest brother. He quit his job (his own fault and he's regretting it now) and rent is due tomorrow. Part of me wants to offer to pay his rent, the other part of me knows I can't afford it even though I could make it work. I'm just waiting to see if he asks me for help or not. Really, my other brother should be 'bailing him out' since he still owes the youngest for paying for his wedding. But that's a touchy subject and I'm trying really hard to not be involved since it doesn't have anything to do directly with me.

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