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NetWorthIQ for June

July 8th, 2006 at 05:49 pm

I found first quarter's retirement savings statement, which had the web site that I could go to and see what my current balance is. So I updated my NetWorthIQ for June with June 30th's figures.

Cash 403
Retirement 22,173
Cars 2,380
Total Assets 24,956

Student Loans 37,041
Credit Card 15,631
Other 17,465
Total Debts 70,137
Net Worth $-45,181

The sad thing is, the difference between June 30th's retirement savings amount and right now is negative. Darn stock market. Ah well. Doesn't really change the Total Debts figure but makes me feel a little better about my total net worth. I'm curious to see what July ends up with, and just to track this in general.

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