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September 22nd, 2006 at 02:44 pm

I have done only one project so far and I wanted to do another. With my trip to the coast this weekend (I'm actually leaving tonight after work since book club is next weekend instead) I thought it'd be nice to have a knitting project to work on.

I made my first ever anything on my trip to Croatia. You can see me here starting it (well you can't really see but this is a picture from the night we stayed in the lobby of SeaTac and that's when I started it)

Text is http://www.goingthere.net/gallery/Travel/P5270019 and Link is

There are other knitters on the trip, I'm the one on the far right.

And then here I am at one of the airports on the way back almost done:

Text is http://www.goingthere.net/gallery/Travel/IMG_4338 and Link is

I wanted something to go with it. Everyone knits scarves. I don't want another scarf. I have a beautiful one that my aunt knitted for me. So I'm making wristwarmers instead. You can see the ones I'm going to make here:

Text is http://knitty.com/ISSUEsummer06/PATTfetching.html and Link is

The trip to the yarn store cost me a pretty penny, only because I dont' have the right needles yet. So I know if I continue it won't be so costly. It was $19.95 (out of my $30 set aside for 'personal') for double pointed needles, tapestry needle, cable needle, and yarn. We'll see how it turns out! I know I'll have trouble when it comes to the thumbs but that's ok. I have two great friends who knit beautifully that can help me out once I get there.

Of course, I realized last night that I'd messed up somewhere. I was using the tail from the start as a guide for counting rounds. Since I'm using four needles instead of three it actually works out ok because the last needle is the only one that I complete a set of stiches on. But, I got halfway through my third round and there was the little tail. Umm. So I think I'm going to take it out an redo it.

3 Responses to “Knitting!”

  1. JanH Says:

    Having something to work on with your hands and CREATING with colors and styles is so fun. I was taught to crochet by my mom, but couldn't do it because I am allergic to acrylic yarns. This year I found thicker cotton yarns! I spent the summer crocheting different throws, some of which I adjusted and made my own designs. Never in a million years thought I would do that. Enjoy your knitting!

  2. contrary1 Says:

    Don't you just love Knitty?? I have the fingerless gloves on my TO DO list here, as my hands knit better with something on them. Getting old, but still love to knit (and crochet!)

    I want to experiment with this pattern to see if I can come up with an edge that doesn't flair out but hugs into my hand. Not wild about the ones in the pictures.....

    Happy knitting!

  3. DayByDay Says:

    Wow. And that's your first project?? Great job! I'm a long time crocheter, but I just made my first knitting project a few months ago, a basic sleeveless top.

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