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Pay day, better than anticipated!

October 5th, 2006 at 02:28 pm

I was totally lowballing my guess of what my paycheck would be. I actually like it when I do that. Anyway, here's the breakdown this paycheck:

1347.06 Paycheck
221.00 Saved from last check
20.41 Left over in account
350.00 Roomate's portion of bills
1938.47 Total in

45.00 Charity
575.00 Rent
275.52 Consolidation Loan
173.00 CC1 payment *
100.00 Food
10.00 Wells Fargo Savings
10.00 ING Direct Savings **
259.38 Student Loan
29.00 Curves
155.00 Medical
40.00 Gas
30.00 Personal
216.00 CC2 ***
1917.90 Total outgoing

20.57 left in account as cushion.

* They say only 57.62 left for minimum, but I'm still paying the amount in my budget. Plus my step brother hasn't given me $100 yet towards this statement's payment.

** I actually had $4.48 left over from my 'personal' allotment last paycheck that I also transferred to ING

*** I'm waiting til Tuesday to pay this because I can only make 2 more payments this statement period (statement runs on the 20th) and I have two more weekends of childcare still to add into the mix. Plus I think my brother gets paid tomorrow so that'll also increase my payment.

I had $5 left over in my wallet, so that goes to the Dollar Jar. A friend of mine just moved up to Seattle. When I have $70 in my Dollar Jar I'm going to go up and visit her. That'll allow me $40 for gas and $30 for whatever we do while I'm there. Fortunately I don't have to wait that long to see her since she's coming down at the end of the month and will be sleeping on my couch.

2 Responses to “Pay day, better than anticipated!”

  1. elgin526 Says:

    My DH works a lot of overtime so we are never sure what his paycheck will be week to week. It's always a pleasant surprise when it's higher than we anticipate! Smile

  2. ldyfaile Says:

    Some days I wish I had that option, unfortunately being on Salary at my company doesn't allow for that. The next six weeks are going to be crazy with a gal out on maternity leave. Which does mean more potential for on call nights, and the nice big checks once a month. I still only budget for the amount I Know I'll be getting, that way I don't worry about having to scramble and make up for something that's not there.

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