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We shall see what happens.

November 15th, 2006 at 04:20 pm

Stopped by the store today to pick up salad mix (bogo) and bananas. That's the last of the needed grocery shopping until Monday (payday). I have $15 in my wallet from leftover grocery and $7 in my wallet from leftover gas. My gas gage is at about a quarter so tomorrow when I pass by one of the cheaper gas stations I'll put the last $7 in. I don't want to pull what I did last time, filled up with 13.17 gallons and I have a 13 gallon tank. Plus I have a little bit of extra driving to do this weekend so better safe than sorry in my book.

Tonight I'm going out, dinner and a movie. The movie is $3 to get in, the slice of pizza at the movie will be $3 and change. That'll leave me with $8. Saturday is our 'celebrate all birthdays at once' lunch at this amazing and cheap italian place. $8 should cover mine. If it doesn't, I'll have also along with me the $7 I have stashed in my dollar jar.

I'm fairly certain I'm ok as far as everything else is concerned. I got a clinic bill for $12, I'm going to send in $20 because I'm still waiting for my Echo to get settled and I know I'll owe a good chunk for that. But I'll mail the payment on Saturday, it will get to the clinic before it's due but it won't get processed before Monday when I get paid and will come out of my Medical portion of the budget for that paycheck. That way I don't touch the Medical savings account I just set up.

I'm still feeling a little anxious. Like I'm forgetting something. Like I should have kept out the $25 cash I got for babysitting, instead of depositing it and applying it to my CC2, just to have as a cushion. But I know if I had done that it would just have been spent so I know I did the right thing.

I have $7 in my checking account and there's always the EF if absolutely necessary. But I don't think it'll come to that. I was sort of hoping some of my extended family would be coming to the birthday thing, they have a tendancy to pick up the tab for everyone. Is it bad to wish they were there partially because they pay for things? I really do want to see them too, that's not the only reason I'm dissapointed.

1 Responses to “We shall see what happens.”

  1. PRICEPLUS Says:

    Don't stress too much. It sounds like you have things under control!Smile

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