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Tuesday Deposit.

December 12th, 2006 at 07:59 am

My deposit today will be $126. I have another $15 cash that I've decided to keep onhand because I'm going to a birthday party on Wednesday and while I don't want to spend much I'd rather have cash than use my debit card. Plus I'm paranoid about not having enough money for groceries the rest of this pay period. I was planning on spending about $11 cash at birthday dinner last Sunday but the guy's parents wound up being there and since the 'party' was so small they picked up the tab.

I'm transferring $100 to Emigrant and the rest is staying in my account for buffer. Since I was only counting on $25 to deposit I'm ok with not putting it all in. Plus any excess after the next paycheck will wind up in savings eventually. But if I need it I'd rather not have to transfer it out again.

Total cash on hand now is $31 for food and $2 for gas. I'm totally fine on gas til the next paycheck.

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