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Overspent today...

December 15th, 2006 at 04:36 pm

I walked into the store with a list and $19 in my wallet. Walked out with $31 in groceries put onto my debit card and still have the $19 in cash. *sigh* I have a few things coming up that I need to bake for so I picked up the ingredients and it was a little over my budget. I have decided to pull out the cash from my wallet that will make my register not be in the red anymore and stash it away in my box for Tuesday Deposits so my register will be in the black come Tuesday.

I do have money in the account, it's not like I spent money that wasn't there. Just it's earmarked for other things. So I'm not really in the red but I turn Quicken into an Envelope system by taking the money earmarked for certain things and creating a future payment with that money. Then I look at the ending balance not the current balance to know where I stand with things.

I did know I was going to spend a little more grocery wise because of the holiday but was hoping I could still fit it mostly into my budget. I can't wait for the Christmas Party on Monday to see if we got Costco Cash Cards again. That will be huge in funding Christmas Eve Dinner.

I am excited though. I now have enough ingredients to make two kinds of fudge (chocolate and butterscotch) and two pumpkin pies with gluten free crusts. I'm going to have fun this weekend.

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