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New Windshield?

January 12th, 2007 at 04:06 pm

This morning as I was scraping off frost I noticed a crack in my windshield. *sigh* I can't feel it on either side, at least I think I was looking at the right spot. There's definately frost on the inside of the windshield in the middle of the passenger side.

I just did a quick quote at Safelite and found that if it's repairable (depending on the size) it might only cost about $90 but if it has to be completely replaced it'll run about $400 give or take.

I don't know if I want to have insurance cover it, or even if that's an option. That always seems to screw with rates later on if you actually use those types of features. Very annoying.

I guess I know what I'll be doing tomorrow, visiting nearby auto glass places for quotes.

The nice thing about this is...either way I have plenty in my EF to cover the expense. That actually makes me feel good about it. On the other hand it's depressing because it means potentially starting over. But that's what it's there for right?

8 Responses to “New Windshield?”

  1. tinapbeana Says:

    check your insurance policy/paperwork, or call your agent and ask for a copy of your policy (but don't necessarily ask about the windshield yet). around here, at least, windshields can and are repaired at no out-of-pocket cost to the owner. i say check your policy without actually asking your agent b/c i've heard some companies will mark you as having claimed when you call in to ask a question, even if you don't file a claim...

  2. samerwriter Says:

    Why bother replacing it? It's quite possible that, right as you're driving out of the windshield store with a brand new windshield, some pickup truck will kick a rock your way and break it again. Unless it's in your field of vision (and thus a safety issue), I'd just let it be. Maybe replace it when it comes time to sell the car?

  3. ldyfaile Says:

    Tina: fortunately I have a really good agent, she's independant and she wouldn't do that to me. I do have a copy of my policy, the insurance company sends me one every six months when it auto renews. I'll dig it out and look through it.

    Samewriter: True, and now that i think about it, I think it did this last year too when it was really cold. I will probably hold off on it for now and just keep an eye on it.

  4. scfr Says:

    If you have a local auto repair shop you know and trust who is willing to be reasonable, they may give you a much cheaper price if you go to a wrecking yard and get a windshield yourself and have them install it.

    We did that once and saved a couple hundred bucks over having a new one installed by an auto glass place. Be prepared to spend a lot of time calling around looking for the correct windshield.

  5. fern Says:

    I've heard that you should always replace a windshield with the tiniest crack in it becus it becomes weakened going over bumps in the road and can collapse at a later point, creating a greater hazard.

  6. samerwriter Says:

    The weakened windshield theory sounds like a scare tactic from the windshield replacement mafia to me. Anecdotal evidence is worth about what you pay for it, but anecdotally I've driven hundreds of thousands of miles with cracked windshields with no ill effects. That's in all manner of driving conditions, from -50 temperatures to jeep trails.

    In fact, I've never, ever heard of a windshield spontaneously collapsing. Generally insurance companies won't replace windshields unless the crack is in your field of view, because otherwise they don't view it as a safety hazard. If the insurance company doesn't think it's a safety hazard, it's probably not.

  7. myfairlady Says:

    I would just leave it, you never know when you might need that ef for a real emergency - like a root canal job, where you have to come up with 50% of the cost depending on your dental coverage. That could wipe out your ef, but that's a real emergency...

  8. colorado auto glass Says:

    When your windshield is in need of repair your insurance company usually picks the replacement offer from a preexisting list of providers which may or more likely may not offer the best deal on windshield replacement.

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