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What's a good rate of return?

February 14th, 2007 at 08:41 pm

I got all excited yesterday because my quarterly statement for my 401k came from the new company. Apparently that still doesn't mean that the money's been transferred yet so I still can't re-allocate my funds to the new options available.

The one nice thing though that I noticed was that the new company listed my Personal Rate of Return. For the last quarter, it was 5.94% and for the whole year it was 11.06% Is that good? Ok? Bad? Well it's obviously not bad since I made money but..I really don't know much about this stuff.

I am anxious to actually be able to do my taxes and give things an extra push. Just waiting on one more piece of mail but since it hasn't shown up yett then I won't be getting my return til March 2nd. *sigh*

3 Responses to “What's a good rate of return?”

  1. dickyvman Says:

    Historically about 11% for a year is a good rate.

  2. jersey jen Says:

    usually they benchmark it agains S&P 500, i think it returned 13% (without dividend and interest) or 16% (with).

  3. paigu Says:

    11% is a decent return rate. I admit to also being eager to do taxes (gasp!) but I don't think I'll get any refund this year =(

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