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How to take care of me and get out of debt too.

April 4th, 2007 at 10:49 pm

I'm trying hard to find that balance. I'm not good at taking care of myself, I am good at running myself ragged especially with odd jobs here and there.

I just turned down another night of child care work this week. I had the opportunity to work tonight (but I couldn't because I'm attending a surprise party that I'm planning) and I just got a call to see if I could work on Friday night (I can't because I've made plans with my roommate already).

I did however work earlier in the week on Monday, that was unexpected. And I will be working the next two Mondays and the next two Wednesdays. So it's not like I'm always turning down extra work.

Part of me wants to do as much as I can to be rid of my debt. I realize that $25 here and $25 there isn't much but this week it would have been $100 total instead of $50 and normally it's $25.

Perspective. It's all about perspective.

I need to spend time with my friends, even if it involves a little money here and there. Because life is too short not to spend it with those that mean a lot to you. Plus I have a spot in my budget for just such an occasion. I need to focus on paying off debt. And I do that as well as much as possible. But I can't let it totally consume my life. It's bad enough it consumes my thoughts as much as it does. I don't mind it, it keeps me focused.

I can't wait for tomorrow. Tomorrow is a double pay day. I get paid, and get to pay my regular bills. Plus the rest of the money that's been on hold gets officially deposited into my account so I can actually pay some things off/down. That makes me happy and excited so I want it to be Thursday already. Smile

2 Responses to “How to take care of me and get out of debt too.”

  1. debtfreeme Says:

    how are you getting these jobs? are they friends who need you? Do you get comments on your age and babysitting? I would like to pick up some extra cash and i used to enjoy babysitting but i wonder at my age (32) is that weird?

  2. LdyFaile Says:

    I'm 32 as well and no I don't get comments about my age and babysitting. I actually picked up a job at a small church that doesn't have enough people to volunteer for a rotation to cover their nursery/toddlers so instead they offered to pay someone who doesn't attend their services. They hold theirs at night so I can go to my own church in the morning. I also got on an event babysitting list with my own church (background checks were run at both places) and they contact me whenever they need sitters for various events. There's also a babysitters list that can be retrieved by any parent in our church that I was on for a while. Plus I also babysit for friends who really appreciate the break.

    The church I do child care for every Sunday, I'm actually on their payroll they just make it so however much I make, my take home is $25/night. My own church, I get paid in cash plus it's infrequent enough that I don't hit the $600 mark where I'd have to claim it. Same with the individuals that I sit for.

    Parents are so glad to find someone responsible they honestly don't care about age. Although I don't really have a going rate that I charge, I just accept what people pay me. Usually boils down to about $10/hr.

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