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Money in Paypal

May 11th, 2007 at 06:45 pm

I have about $22 sitting in my Paypal account right now. It's accumulated from various Pinecone surveys and/or getting paid for writing blogs on my myspace account. Since I started giving Kiva gift certificates as gifts and buying things now and again from places that accept Paypal I have found it useful to just leave the money there and be 'surprised' because what I wind up spending is less than I thought because I usually forget the money is there until I get a notice from Paypal stating that another deposit has been made.

In the past it hasn't really been more than maybe $10 before I bought something. Now that it's over $20 I'm wondering if I shouldn't transfer that much out and put it to better use (savings, etc). Or just leave it because birthdays are inevitable and having money there would be useful.

Any thoughts?

3 Responses to “Money in Paypal”

  1. ladymiller Says:

    I would leave it there. I find it so helpful when I need a gift or see a great deal on the internet, I use my "free" money in paypal.

  2. Cheryl Says:

    I agree, leave it in Paypal, it's really not enough to generate a lot of extra interest $$, and you may need it. It's like a MINI-emergency fund! I always keep some money in mine, I use it for gas, groceries and unexpected misc expenses. It comes in very handy.

  3. homebody Says:

    I do what ladymiller does, except I don't have any right now... rats.

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