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Spent money this weekend.

July 2nd, 2007 at 08:15 pm

This weekend was not a good one for me spending wise. I pulled $100 cash out of my checking account and have pretty much spent it all. I have $10 left. What did I spend it on you ask?

I went to get a massage from my friend. She informed me that we were trading services. I help her out with computer/financial stuff so the massage on Saturday was free as will be the one I get this coming Saturday. I was anticipating it costing $60. We went out to lunch and I treated her, that came to $14. She paid the tip.

$100 - 14 = $86

I went to Costco to restock a few items that I had run out of. I don't have a Costco card so I only go when my friend goes and I only restock things I actually need/use. Otherwise I stick with using smaller quantities even though it generally costs me more in the long run. Case in point, I eat feta on my daily work lunch salads. I can buy a large container at Costco that will last me a little over 2 months for $4.99. A much smaller container that maybe lasts me two weeks can be found for $2.50 at the grocery store. I spent $27 and I will take it out of my grocery budget from my paycheck on the 5th.

$86 - 27 = $59

I went to the movies and got coffee before hand. Friend had a buy one get one free coupon for coffee drinks so we used that. I spent $2 on coffee, $1 on the movie (movie actually cost $3 but I had $2 in my 'movie money' section of my wallet), $2 on pizza.

$59 - 5 = $54

Sunday I took my brother out to lunch. Spent $11 for the both of us.

$54 - 11 = $43

I had planned on purchasing a shirt for $25 on Sunday as well. Friend of a friend that I had met once before had his leg amputated. His insurance will only cover $5k towards a prosthetic limb but they cost $30-40k so he's selling tshirts (that say This Shirt Bought Tarver a Leg) for $25 each to try and make up the difference. He hasn't posted new totals yet but when I stopped by to get one last night he'd been set up for an hour and already sold 40. Hopefully he'll reach his goal of 50% by July 16th so they can start getting him fitted. The longer they wait after the surgery the harder it is to get it to fit just right. has more information on his journey.

$43 - 25 = $18

I also bought a burger at the pub Tarver was selling his shirts at. $8

$18 - 8 = $10

So...that's how I spent my money this weekend. I don't regret any of it. I still have the money I'll need to make up the difference in rent this month. With my roommate moving out, I need to pay her back for the deposit since she payed all of it. My landlord said that whoever I have move in doesn't need to fill out any paperwork since I have been the primary responsible party all along, she just needs the person's name for security purposes. I think I'll see about getting a rental agreement drafted to have the new roommate sign (and maybe get notarized?) so my butt's covered.

And my massage friend also offered to come pick me up after the relay in August so I don't have to pay for the motel room. Let's see, $196 now for two nights in a motel that I'll only spend one night in or $50 in gas for someone to come and pick me up. I think I'll go with the gas option. I just need to let the guy who is holding the reservations know that I won't be needing it.

I did up my net worth this morning but probably won't post it til tomorrow. I was disappointed in that while I did make a small dent in my debt, my retirement account took a hit which made my net worth go down.

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