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Planning to spend day

July 13th, 2007 at 02:59 pm

My new roommate and I are going shopping for the few things we actually will need when my current roommate moves out. Dishes for one, Target has a set on sale it's a white service for four for $10, and a big skillet for another. There's a couple other odds and ends but considering how much we don't have to buy it's not really that bad.

I don't really have money to go shopping right now. I get paid Sunday/Monday for child care that will be about $70 total. In my dollar jar where I've been saving what's left over in cash from my grocery and gas at the end of the pay period I have $68. So I'm taking that with me to spend and I will pay it back from my childcare money. I don't plan on spending a lot, hopefully no more than $40.

I am excited though to spend time with the new roommate too.

2 Responses to “Planning to spend day”

  1. Amber Says:

    Looks like things will work out with you and the new roomate. I would wait until Saturday/Sunday paper. Sometimes Macy's(and other places like Linen n Things) have coupons, I got some pans and plates on clearance with coupons for about $10. Also check out TJ Maxx or Marshalls they always have housewares on sale, good luck

  2. HelpMeFriend Says:

    You should add the money you don't spend on the items you have your money set aside for to the $20 challenge. I want to put my money into a savings account to gain intrest.

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