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Offer Letter Recieved

July 1st, 2008 at 03:41 am

Tomorrow I start my first day in my new position. Today I finally got my offer letter. It's been a yo-yo thing. First my former boss asked if I had received the letter last week, I hadn't, so she emailed the head of the dept I'll be working for asking him to get it for me.

Then by the end of the week she told me she was just going to write it for me and that I'd be very happy about the result.

Today I almost went to ask her about it since I still hadn't gotten it yet but she was never in her office when I went to ask.

Just before lunch the head of the dept came by my desk telling me that he needed to get a hold of the CFO to a sign off on my salary so he couldn't tell me the amount but that I would be getting a raise.

Finally at the end of the day it came finally. I got almost a $4k a year raise and after comparing it to my last paycheck at my last job it works out to $600 more a year than I was making before.

However, the net amount that I was making at the cut I took to work my first position was enough to pay bills and have $100 left over to pay on extra things. So I'm super stoked about this first paycheck even though only half of it will be at my new pay rate.

5 Responses to “Offer Letter Recieved”

  1. Dave T Says:

    I before e except after c.


  2. cptacek Says:

    That is great! Congratulations on the promotion and raise!

  3. Debt Dummy Says:

    Wow! Our very own spelling teacher!!


    I always type "received" incorrectly. Always. TGF spellcheck!

    Congrats on your new position - and a raise! Very nice!

  4. sillyoleme Says:

    Congrats, that is great news!

  5. merch Says:

    Nice job!!

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